Planet Info



Outer Rim Territories


Lahara sector


Mirgoshir system

Points of Interest:
  • Council Center
  • Tondatha
  • University of Agamar
Native flora:


Native fauna:
  • Agamarian beast
  • Mugruebe
Native Species:

Agamarian (Humans)

Primary Language:

Galactic Basic Standard

Major Cities:

Calna Muun (capital)

  • Infinite Empire
  • Agamarian Council
  • Galactic Republic
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Galactic Empire
  • New Republic
  • Yuuzhan Vong Empire
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Fel Empire
  • Empire-in-exile


Agamar was an agriworld in the Mirgoshir system of the Lahara sector. At one time part of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, Agamar became part of the Galactic Republic prior to the New Sith Wars and later joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems shortly before the Clone Wars. The site of fighting between Republic and Separatist forces, it was once more in Republic hands by the end of the Clone Wars, and subsequently became part of the Galactic Empire. Agamar had a mostly Human population and was governed by the Agamarian Council in its capital city of Calna Muun. As something of a backwater planet, Agamar was not a well-known world. Among those who had heard of the planet, Agamarians were stereotyped as dumb hicks.




Clone WarsEdit

By 22 BBY, the planet was represented in the Galactic Senate by Tyreca Bremack, senator for the Lahara sector. Towards the end of the Separatist Crisis, high taxation led Senator Bremack to announce the sector's secession from the Republic. Bremack subsequently brought the Lahara sector into the growing Confederacy of Independent Systems, taking Agamar with it. Later in 22 BBY, war broke out between the Republic and the Separatists. Agamar was drawn into the Clone Wars in the month following the Battle of Geonosis as the two sides fought a campaign for control of the Mirgoshir system. Early fighting in the system went against the Republic, despite the efforts of their Jedi pilots, and the Republic forces eventually withdrew from the system. Around this time, Agamar was one of several worlds to be struck in devastating attacks by the ancient Force Harvester, recently uncovered by Count Dooku on Raxus Prime. The Force Harvester was intended to power the Dark Reaper, which Dooku's forces were excavating on Thule. Later that month, Republic forces struck at Thule and, during the subsequent battle, the superweapon was destroyed by Jedi Commander Skywalker. Once Separatist forces withdrew from the Thurra system, Republic forces prepared to move back into the Mirgoshir system, in an attempt to secure Agamar. Four months after this attempt began, Separatist armies were still fighting in the Mirgoshir system and unable to reinforce their comrades commanded by Shogar Tok on Brentaal IV.

At some point during the Mirgoshir campaign, as Republic forces clashed with Separatists on Agamar, the heavy footfalls of Republic walkers caused the natural bridges they were crossing to collapse beneath them, resulting in many vehicles and soldiers being lost.